Who is a Leader?

Who is a Leader?

As millionaire Tony Rush has said, A Leader does not have to have followers. A Leader does have to be willing to be in charge of their own life and living in ways that can take a lot of courage. You see, many people are just content to settle.

Going for your Dreams and Demanding to Have It All are traits of a Leader. Acting in the moment on your inspiration can bring you far.  People will notice. If you think, “How can I be a leader?  I have little or no experience,” why let that limit you?  Perhaps you could think of it this way:  Leadership is based on where you are going, not on where you have come from. So be bold and step into your life more fully than you’ve ever given yourself permission to before. What would you like as your life? What do you wish to create now on this beautiful planet? What is your next step in creating that?  Now Take Action.

Derek Sivers on Being A Leader


Derek Sivers on Being A Leader

Here is one process I have used, courtesy of Access Consciousness, that has unlocked the doors for me to step into my leader capacities.  “What do you not want to know, that you really do know, that if you would allow yourself to know it, would change your reality?” Would you be willing to let go of anything that doesn’t allow that?

You’ve got to be willing to Know what you know, even if you are the only one in the world who knows it in the world . . . like you know it. When you are willing to do that, you are stepping up as a leader.


Also, we’ve got to go from thinking that a leader is a one person on top gig that everyone else follows, to an inclusive “we” mindset.  In the kingdom of me, having rank is valuable.  In the kingdom of we,  no one is more special or important than anyone else.  Everyone’s contribution to the whole is honored.  I’ve been able to tap into and remember past lives where leadership councils was the established order and rule. It was so different from the way our culture is now, so much so, that the average person would not be able to comprehend the difference. These societies were highly effective and happy cultures!

The human mind is a tainted mind, with the strife of mitote, as Don Miguel Ruiz, in the book The Four Agreements writes.  From childhood, we are told to honor authority.  We are trained to be patriotic.  Our Religions extol the virtue of being obedient.

I say this:  It is time for each one of us to trust ourselves and what we know.  Come home to yourself.  And then, step out to be the leader you be.

Article:  Who Is A Leader?


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