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vocal play

I have found a wonderful creative outlook.  It is so outside the box, so it took me some time and courage to get it out there.  After recently going to a Mastermind with 6 wonderful women including 2 Access Consciousness Facilitators in Sayulita, Mexico, I gained the confidence I needed to just be me and weird and wonderful.  I began allowing the music that was already in me to begin to flow through me and out into song.  After a quick, get started now crash course in Garage Band, I’ve polished them as much as able and posted them on YouTube.  It is so easy and natural for me to flow with vocal music…much like breathing.  I love it.  The sound quality is…well, I have an iphone. So not super duper.  But that is not stopping me from just going!  And Puttin’ It Out There!  I’ve had too many years of holding back and stopping short that I am just plunging in.  I have 3 “Vocal Play!” melodies and “Vibrational Resonance Transmissions” for you in this blog post. When I got home, I captured 5 more, which will be featured in the next 2 blog posts.  By the way, I am researching great mics to buy to enhance the sound quality, so if you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments below!

This Upbeat Melody spontaneously came through me while in Sayulita, Mexico.
The energy for me of choosing to go to a Mastermind all about Activating and Energizing your Potency in 2014 was Explosive.
This Melody Imparts A Joyful, Triumphant Energy!
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Happy Melody – Happy Beach Singing

This Melody was captured On Sayulita Beach in Sayulita Mexico.
I spontaneously captured this happy melody expressing the happiness of my being.
Sorry I admit this is shrill.  I am a novice at recording and am only using my iPhone recorder. Start where you are!
Hey! I’m Happy!

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Tropical Sound Vibrations – Vocal Vibrational Resonance Transmission

While in Mexico I began allowing for the expression of the melodies flowing through me.  I knew I could somehow translate the resonance of the palm tree through melody.  I don’t know how I do this, just that I do.  The vibrational harmonics of the palm tree that was by my casa are weaved into this melody.  This song imparts a peaceful relaxing energy that is conducive to rest.  When I recorded this outside just before bedtime, one woman had her windows open as she was going to bed.  The next morning she told me she feel asleep to this song and that it was very nice.  I admitted to her that I also replayed this song as I was lying down in bed and fell asleep to it!

What are your impressions?  Let me know in the comments below.
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