A Miracle In The Making: I’ve just French Braided My Own Hair

After swearing I could never do get the hang of it, I gave up trying to french braid altogether when I was a child.  I’ve not french braided anyone’s hair, let alone my own, since then.  I had the sudden impulse to French Braid my hair, while traveling in the car on Christmas Day. I’ve just French Braided My Own Hair for the second time this week.  I decided to capture this video to show you what is truly possible when you give up your point of view and ask What else is truly possible here?

Has anybody else ever done something that took them by surprise?  I was surprised by how easy this was when I had the sudden impulse to braid my hair.  I figured, What do I have to loose?  I was done within like, 5 minutes.   It was SO EASY this time.  Yipee!  I swore I’d never be any good at french braid and gave up before learning as a kid.  Now look at me!

French Braided Miracle

All it took?  Using the tools of Access Consciousness and receiving Access Bars sessions.  These tools have assisted me in letting go old old conditioning and releasing old patterns of self rejection that weren’t working for me.  How does it get even better than this?
What in you life would you like more ease with?  Could choosing to receive and use these tools be the key to unlocking your brilliance?

Don’t try this for yourself.  Then life might be too Easy.

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French Braided Miracle


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