Kindness is Contagious. It starts with You. Livestream Event with Grace & Victoria

Kindness is Contagious


Conversations in Kindness with Grace Engel and Victoria Dortzbach 

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Kindness is Contagious

What if you being kind could change the world?  Join Grace Engel and Victoria Dortzbach as we discuss kindness’s transformative presence.  Being wiling to and choosing to be Kind both to yourself and others can unlock the places you’ve been stuck.  What if Kindness opens your heart, expands your joy, softens your spirit, brightens your outlook, and creates possibilities for you, those you touch, and life on this planet?  And you just start where you are.
Be Blissful Living (Grace Engel) and Live Your Brilliance with Victoria Dortzbach have both grown and facilitated greater possibilities in our own lives by performing a 30 Day Kindness Challenge of our own.
A special invitation to unite with us beginning on December 1 for 30 days of Kindness KickOff.

join-button Join the facebook group by clicking on the link above and begin your own 30 Days of Kindness Challenge.

Would choosing this Kindness challenge add to your life and living?
We are so glad you are coming!

From Grace Engel:  The more I am kind to me…the harder it becomes 2 judge, 2 hate, 2 be unkind to another.
The more I see me…the more I see YOU…how beautiful YOU are!
What if we could spread more kindness, on the planet, by first being kind to YOU?
Tomorrow, sharing our experiences.. of the Being Kind 2 YOU journey, with the beautiful Victoria Dortzbach!
We documented our experiences, some of them required us stepping outside our comfort zones…but the human connections we formed were astounding, and the ripple effect was phenomenal!
My target for this journey was to connect with others in a way I had never done, or experienced… by first being kind 2 me.
My target was to connect with others from a space of genuine kindness, from a space of vulnerability, and from a space of non-judgment…by first creating this space for me.
My target was to connect with me so I could connect with YOU.

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