You Might Be A Unicorn If: (Hilarious Video)

You Might Be A Unicorn If: (Hilarious Video)

Read The Article I’m a F*cking Unicorn. (Or 10 Things to Do When You Get Fired for the First Time.)  As the author Bryonie Wise says:

You are a fucking unicorn. You are a fucking unicorn and all this time, you have been trying to be a horse. You very carefully hid your horn every time you stepped in the room, pretending that you were more horselike and able to do horse-like things but what you were really doing was repressing the best parts of you. It’s simple: unicorns are unicorns and horses are horses. One can’t be like the other—it just doesn’t work that way. When you hide who you are, truly, madly, deeply, at the core of your being and try to fit into some other idea of you, you start dull; you shine less. Your horn starts to lose it’s power because it’s not being infused with everything it needs to stay alive and before you know it, your heart is crumpling in your hands.

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Article:  You Might Be A Unicorn if:


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