LIB”ERATE, v.t. [L. libero, from liber, free.] 1. To free; to release from restraint or bondage; to set at liberty; as, to liberate one from duress or imprisonment; to liberate the mind from the shackles of prejudice.
Have you been liberated? From a stubborn point of view?
Where have you broken through? Why do we even say “break free”?
What are your awarenesses? (psst, send me a line if you know the origination of the term ‘break free.’)I’m gathering, or imaging hand shackles. Someone struggling and then the shackles being busted open.

One of the movies about unjust bondage and ‘goddam I’ll do whatever it takes’ liberation that come to mind is Shawshank Redemption. The main character, Andy, risks everything and wades through sewage in order to claim freedom.  That’s great, if that is what it takes.  But where have we made struggling a necessity?  Is it time to let that go?  Would you like to let that go now?  Thanks.
What if, in order to experience freedom, all we had to do is ask? What if it were truly about no longer to be ‘breaking’ anything and struggling in order to obtain freedom? Would freedom than just be a choice?
So imagine the following with me.  We on planet earth have been prisoners. Some of us sense it, know it. Some of us don’t.
We’ve been walking in long prison lines, shackled up, dirty uniforms, forced to scavenge, unkempt, even undignified. We’ve known no other way.  We may’ve had glimpses of it.
After years of bondage. if the shackles just fell off everyone, “clink, clank!”… would you know how to respond? How to act? I guess it depends on your attitude during enslavement. And, if you truly believed liberation would come. If you had already given up, than the trains are passing you by.

One thing I know is that liberation is here on Planet Earth NOW. Are you choosing it? Will you have it? Will you do whatever it takes? What would you like to have and create as your life if you could have anything you desire?



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